Luxurious living in a spatial and a social sense: De Hooch, Amsterdam

Project de Hooch. In what is possibly the city’s most beautiful location, Roberto Meyer's MVSA Architects has designed a transparent building that provides wonderful homes and a wonderful way of life. Kondor Wessels Vastgoed and Steenvastgoed are currently developing 28 made-to-measure apartments for people that position luxury as a first priority,. 70 percent of the building has been sold already, by us and our respected colleague-broker.

Living in De Hooch is all about carving your own space within a pleasantly hectic corner of the city: space for liveliness, for socializing, for relaxation, and for rest. The magnificient building is located in the Museum Quarter, which is recognised as Amsterdam’s cultural heart. One will never get bored of the magnificent unobstructed views on Museumplein and the canals.

Contemporary architecture, limitless luxury, personal service and state of the art facilities. No projects similar to De Hooch have been realised in Amsterdam in the past few decades. The well-known firm MVSA Architects designed a transparent building that invites large and large living: with glass, floor to ceiling surrounds. The transparent building has eight layers, seven of which are intended for exclusive homes of an outstandingly high quality. An inner green courtyard provides a lush, landscaped outdoor living area for residents, while inside the apartments are light and spacious, with wonderful views on Amsterdams highlights. Above all, what characterises the architecture of this neighbourhood, the result of the city’s 19th-century urban expansion, is classicism, which is everywhere expressed in the façades and materialisation.

"The generous outdoor spaces offers a life that is surrounded by green and nature. There will be a large, inner courtyard and the delightful balconies have luxurious planters with uniform planting. " - Marianne Joanknecht

De Hooch is an opportunity to reside and enjoy life in Amsterdam to the same level of quality you can get in the metropolises of New York, Paris and London. This is visible in both its impressive exterior as its interior. The design for the interior exudes warmth with a refined luxury through the use of carefully crafted natural materials such as marble, leather and superior types of wood. It is on this that the design philosophy for de Hooch is based. A special feature of this project is the opportunity for residents to collaborate with prominent interior designers. One is able to customise exactly to your wishes in terms of structure, material and furniture. Apartments can be designed in collaboration with five top interior design agencies, such as Kolenik Eco Chic Design, Wolterinck Design Studio, Framework Studio, & Prast & Hooft and TANK.


“We deliver the shell and the space: the soul and the sense of contentment comes from the residents.” - &Prast&Hooft

What makes this project even more exceptional is its high-quality service, which is most demonstrably experienced through an exclusive lobby that invites a innovative social dimension of living. The lobby becomes the epicentre of interaction between the residents, and also the atmospheric portico of their own private domain. The space has a fireplace, a bar, a lounge, a meeting room and numerous other functions. You can grab a coffee here or throw a party, all within your own familiar residential environment. It is staffed by a concierge and incorporating a lounge and a bar, is literally the porch to your private domain.

The apartments will be finished in 2021. Sales for De Hooch are headed up by our own real estate agent Marianne Joanknecht, in collaboration with another agency. Contact us for more information or to make an appointment.

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